Minister of Transportation and Economic Corridors and MLA for Innisfail-Sylvan Lake, Devin Dreeshen announced a new paving budget for the province yesterday (August 17, 2023).   

The 2023-2024 paving and overlay budget is $335.1 million which is an increase of $80 million from last year.  

“My number one priority as Minister of Transportation and Economic Corridors is to ensure that we have a safe, efficient, and reliable transportation network. The best way to do that is to invest in our highway maintenance and make sure we have a provincial network that serves not only our industries but families across the province,” said Dreeshen.  

The money will go towards 42 paving projects across the province including eight in the central region, nine in the north central and Fort McMurray region, 14 projects in the peace region, and 11 projects in Southern Alberta.  

Dreeshen says the province is also looking into new technologies and different ways to find improvements to the paving process.  

“This year’s projects include testing the use of cold in place asphalt which is a recycling technology that we’re actually using right now on Highway 33 near Barrhead. Cold in place technology recycle existing pavement and mixes it in with new materials and replaces it as a new layer of pavement,” explained Dreeshen.  

The technology reduced the need to haul away old pavement as well as reduces emissions. The government is also looking at the use of geocells and bitumen in roads as well. The Minister says they are also looking for new solutions across the world.  

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