Norman Stretch is not planning to lose track of his reading glasses again anytime soon, after mistaking a $5 million win on the April 13 LOTTO 6/49 draw for a $5,000 one.

“I thought I’d won $5,000 because I couldn’t find my reading glasses,” he laughed. “I called my friend to show him, and he said, ‘Check again with your glasses on, dummy!’” “Sure enough… it was $5,000,004!” he laughed.

The central Alberta winner said he could not stop laughing in disbelief and was eager to tell friends. “I was just like, ‘Holy cow!’” he explained. “I’ve told friends from my army days who told me it couldn’t have happened to a better guy.” In fact, Stretch still considers the dollar amount unfathomable.

“I was sitting at a BBQ with a buddy, and we were trying to figure out how many rolls of toonies that would be!” As for how he’s spending those rolls of toonies, the winner said he’s not looking to buy a fancy house or change how he lives anytime soon. “I just realized, I’ve lived in Alberta my whole life and I’ve never been skiing,” he said at his prize claim.

“I think it’s time to try some new things; I might take up surfing!” Stretch’s friends have responded to the win in the funniest way possible. “My buddy just bought me 10 new pairs of reading glasses,” Stretch laughed. “I keep finding them everywhere. I can’t stop laughing!”

**with information provided by WCLC