This past Saturday, Dec. 2, 2023, the Alberta RCMP participated in National Impaired Driving Enforcement Day by carrying out traffic safety enforcement initiatives and check stops across the province, removing 23 impaired drivers from the roadways.

Of the impaired motorists, 17 received immediate roadside sanction (IRS) FAILs and four received IRS WARNs. Two motorists received sanctions for failing to comply with breath demands. In addition to driving suspensions, all 23 had their vehicles seized.

As well, one of the motorists was holding a GDL licence, one was a commercial semi-truck driver, and another was driving on a suspension having lost their licence from an earlier impaired driving IRS.

The Alberta RCMP is dedicated to keeping our province’s roadways safe so that everyone can have a #DecemberToRemember this year. To all those choosing to drive sober this holiday season, thank you. With your help, Albertans are able to get home safely to their loved ones.

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