Another  roundabout at the intersection of Highway 20 and Memorial Trail in Sylvan Lake will be built to accommodate increased traffic and development in the area.

This upgrade will improve safety and increase capacity to accommodate more volume and larger vehicles.

“As our economy continues to grow, Alberta’s government remains committed to ensuring our provincial highways are safe and efficient. This new roundabout near Sylvan Lake will improve the driving experience in this area and relieve pressure on the highway by keeping traffic moving. It will also make it possible for farmers to move their equipment along this section of the highway.”

Devin Dreeshen, Minister of Transportation and Economic Corridors

“We are thrilled about the improvements at the Memorial Trail and Highway 20 intersection. The new roundabout brings improved traffic flow and safety. A customized design addresses both the difficult location at the crest of the hill and the poor sight lines. The changes will result in fewer collisions for all highway users. Future plans include a pedestrian crossing that connects a multi-use trail between the town and Red Deer County. I look forward to seeing the positive impact the roundabout has on Sylvan Lake and the surrounding communities.”

Megan Hanson, mayor, Town of Sylvan Lake

Alberta’s government is funding the project and the Town of Sylvan Lake will build it.