The Mary C. Moore Public Library will be hosting a Library Halloween Party on Saturday, October 28th. Families with children of all ages are welcome to attend and there is sure to be something for everybody.  

“Miss Mary has a bunch of stations where every family gets to participate in making a number of Halloween crafts that they get to take home... Every kid goes home with a prize. There is stories, there is food and it’s all peanut free,” said Christina Petrisor, Head Librarian at the library.  

Petrisor says their Halloween party is one of their most well attended events. Kids and their families are welcome to show up in their Halloween costumes.  

Miss Mary will be reading some Halloween themed books but nothing will be too scary.  

“I love Halloween. It is a special day here. We don't emphasize skulls and scary things. We emphasize the fun,” added Petrisor.  

The Library Halloween Party will be happening from 10AM to noon on Saturday.  

Scary Stories  

However, if you’re older and looking forward to the scary parts of Halloween, the Library will be happy to recommend some spooky stories, movies, or more.  

“We've got a Halloween display right in front of the desk... Come in if you cannot find what you're looking for, whether it be a DVD video game, just check with us and we will get that ordered in for you and we have got tons of spooky movies, for kids and otherwise,” said Petrisor.