The Central Alberta Crime Reduction Unit was assigned to investigate a group of known offenders who were believed to be committing thefts in the Drayton Valley area during last year’s wildfire evacuations.  

Officers recovered stolen vehicles and items including a Ford F250 Pickup, a Chevy Silverado Pickup, an ATV, and a truck canopy.  

RCMP arrested three repeat offenders who were charged for various offences. 

On May 9, 2023, officers recovered a stolen Silverado which had fled police and rolled in the ditch near Breton.  

The suspect was arrested and taken to hospital for treatment of an injury obtained during the rollover. After the arrest of the suspect, concerns were raised about the conduct of one of the arresting officers. 

On May 17, 2023, RCMP contacted the Director of Law Enforcement who determined the incident to be out of scope of the Alberta Serious Incident Response Team (ASIRT) and directed the RCMP to investigate.  

The RCMP initiated a statutory investigation to gather a full account of what took place during this incident. 

On March 1, RCMP charged Cpl. Bruce Lussier, 42, with assault causing bodily harm.  

Lussier is scheduled to appear in the Alberta Court of Justice in Breton on April 10, and has been placed on administrative duties. 

The RCMP believes in accountability and transparency. Officers recognize the trust placed in them to use force that is necessary, proportional and reasonable and in so doing remain fully accountable. 




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