Chinook’s Edge School Division has nominated Grade 3 teacher at Carstairs Elementary School Emily Wilson for the Edwin Parr Award. 

The award recognizes outstanding first-year teachers.  

“Emily is just an exceptional teacher,” said Mike Garrow, Division Principal for Chinook’s Edge School Division. “Her planning, instructional design, differentiation, and her assessments are extremely exemplary. She meets the needs of every student in the classroom and she inspires students to do the best they can possibly do. The biggest thing I took away from observing and working with Emily is that students are so engaged in her lessons they don’t want to leave the classroom or stop the learning.”  

Traci Upshaw, Principal of Carstairs Elementary School, also commented on Wilson’s ability to make learning engaging for students.  

“Emily creates a warm and caring classroom environment. She has great routines in place and creates learning experiences rather than just lessons for students. Those experiences for kids are ones that will stick with them for a long time,” she said. “Students have a lot of fun in her classroom - and that’s engaging. She is exceptionally skilled at planning those learning experiences for students.”  

When Wilson found out she had been nominated, she was very honoured, and also very surprised.  

“I’ve seen a lot of great teachers. I’ve worked with a lot of great teachers. I owe my success to them because they have been such good role models for me and showed me what excellent teaching looks like,” she said.  

Wilson’s road to becoming a teacher started with being an Educational Assistant for two years, at Carstairs Elementary School. Wilson said she was also inspired by her parents who are teachers.  

“There are so many reasons why I became a teacher,” said Wilson. “But honestly, it comes down to the kids. I love interacting with them. I love seeing them grow and flourish and being the intelligent and unique kiddos that they are. It’s just such a pleasure.”  

Although teaching requires a lot of effort, and Wilson is constantly trying to think of new ways to engage her students and get them excited to learn, her students are worth the challenge.  

“The kids make it easy. They’re so lovable and wonderful. My job is to make sure all their unique needs are met. I really try to make sure that actually happens,” she said. “I want them to feel that they are a part of our class community. I want them to feel successful, smart, and brave and not be afraid to make mistakes.”