A Chinook’s Edge technology team member is making a difference in the lives of hospitalized children.  

Myles Doupe is donating toys he has created on his 3-D printer to the Red Deer Hospital Foundation. The foundation gives the toys to the hospital to share with children during their stay.   

“I'm passionate about 3D printing and if I can use it to make someone's stay in the emergency room a little more tolerable, it's win-win in my books,” Doupe said.  

Six months ago, Doupe heard about the need for toys from his wife, Shanna Doupe, who works for the Foundation. Since then, he has donated 50 plastic toys that he printed on his personal 3D printer.   

“When I mentioned the need for toys in the Emergency Department, Myles immediately jumped at the chance to help. He took his passion for 3D printing and said, ‘How can I help someone?’ Shanna said. “When people jump in with both feet to help in whatever way they can, big or small, the world is a better place.”