Lacombe City Council approved amendments to the sections of Land Use Bylaw 400 based on recommendations in the Heritage Survey & Inventory Report.

The report resulted from extensive community consultation undertaken by the City, the Heritage Resources Committee (HRC), and an outside consultant throughout 2022 and 2023. The City additionally held two open houses for interested property owners in August 2023.

“These changes to the City’s Land Use Bylaw show the value in consulting with residents,” Mayor Grant Creasey said. “Through these amendments, we can preserve Lacombe’s history while ensuring our citizens’ interests and investments are incorporated within the regulations.”

Amendments to the Bylaw include two focus areas, including:

  • Changing the definition of a “historic building” from “any principal building that is 50 years or older” to “any principal building or place that is listed on the Heritage Inventory.”
  • Simplifying language, correcting grammatical errors, introducing the concept of Municipal Historic Areas should a future Council wish to designate such under the Historical Resources Act, and amending the conservation section to discuss conservation, rather than demolition.

The City’s website will include the new Heritage Inventory list and a map identifying the Heritage Inventory properties. The HRC endorsed these changes to the bylaw. A summary of the Heritage Survey and Report’s recommendations include: 

  • Amending the City’s Land Use Bylaw to streamline and enhance the heritage portions of the Land Use Bylaw,
  • Enhance public education and community outreach programs by the,
  • Review incentives for heritage designation and preservation.

Next steps for the process include the HRC is developing enhanced heritage education and awareness approaches and materials. A summary of the findings in the reports can be found in Council’s Regular Meeting Agenda for May 23, 2023, on


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