The City of Lacombe completed an audit of water loss for 2022. The audit was the second conducted by the City of Lacombe, to help track and limit losses in the City’s water system.

The audit has been certified in compliance with the American Water Works Association guidelines by a third-party validator.

The water audit provides information on the nature of water losses, allowing the City to prioritize action planning, and develop a strategic approach to reduce the losses to the national average (13.3%).

In 2022, the City’s water loss percentage was 16.2% (114 litres/service connection/day) -- which is down from 16.7% (117 litres/service connection/day) in 2021.

“Efficient delivery of core services is one of City Council’s Strategic Goals,” Mayor Grant Creasey said. “We know that residents want reliable, efficient water service. Water audits are one way to make sure our system is working as it should be.”

Of the water losses audited in 2022, 16.2 megalitres are estimated to be from apparent losses, such as billing errors, under-reading meters and unauthorized consumption, and 185.9 megalitres are estimated to be from leaks. The City is continuing to work on improvements identified in the 2022 Water Loss Control Gap Assessment.

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