The City of Red Deer and Red Deer RCMP are looking for public feedback for the development of the 2022-2024 Annual Policing Plan (APP). 

The APP will help determine the biggest concerns for residents for RCMP to work on over the next two years. 

“We are asking all community members to share their experiences with us,” said Inspector Holly Glassford, Acting Officer in Charge for the Red Deer RCMP detachment. “Community feedback, coupled with crime statistics and data from our detachment, help us to understand what our community is experiencing and therefore identify what areas we need to focus on.” 

The 2022-2024 APP will take effect starting on April 1, 2022. The last APP identified crime reduction, public safety, and community relations as being primary priorities. 

“While there is still work to be done, we have seen great success in addressing the priorities from the last APP,” said Inspector Glassford. “New proactive policing and crime reduction efforts have seen positive improvements in our local crime statistics over the past few years, and we saw significant reductions in both drug and property crimes from October 2019 to October 2021.” 

The community survey will be available online here until February 23rd.