The County of Wetaskiwin is working to reduce waste in landfills.  

The county has partnered with Sustane Technologies Inc., to transform waste into resources.   

"The Sustane Technologies project represents a significant opportunity for the County of Wetaskiwin to lead in innovative waste management solutions,” said Josh Bishop, Reeve of the County of Wetaskiwin. “This project not only fosters economic development but also strengthens our commitment to environmental objectives, aligning with our vision for long-term sustainability.”   

The initiative will take non-source separated municipal solid waste (MSW) separate it into components, and then convert it into resources such as fertilizer and fuel products.   

“This project aims for up to 90 per cent diversion and recovery rate of MSW from landfills, which will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2 to 3 tonnes for every tonne of waste produced,” a County of Wetaskiwin and Sustane Technologies media release said. “This technology will dramatically reduce reliance on landfills and decrease greenhouse gases.”  

The project will also create between 30 and 35 local employment opportunities in technical and maintenance roles.  

“We are pleased to partner with a forward-thinking community like the County of Wetaskiwin,” said Peter Vinall, CEO of Sustane. “When you combine our leading-edge technology and the county’s innovative view of waste as an opportunity, it delivers new sources of clean, low-cost feedstock for renewable natural gas, or other applications while not only reducing the carbon footprint but also showing a commitment to building a better environment for citizens.”