Lacombe County’s new Protective Services Lead admits, with thefts on the rise, especially in the rural areas, County ratepayers have growing concerns.

After 8 years as a Peace Officer, Mark Sproule is stepping up into the role of Senior Community Peace Officer, and he says although Peace Officers don’t enforce anything that falls under the criminal code, they do have one Peace Officer dedicated to Crime Prevention Initiatives.

Sproule says Officer Brett Miller will actually come visit your farm or acreage to help you better protect it.

“The County offers a free inspection of properties, and it’s crime prevention through environmental design. And that’s just one way Lacombe County is engaging their rural residents to help with the deterrence of crime.”

Sproule is shifting into the position as Julian Veuger prepares for retirement.

He says there is one key way they connect with County landowners.

“We actively support our local crime watch groups, and provide education and awareness through them. If County residents aren’t part of one of those groups, we certainly encourage them to become part of their membership.”

Sproule says making sure you have adequate lighting, locking your doors, removing keys from vehicles and using a good quality lock on your mailbox are some of the ways you can deter criminals.