CP's vice president of sales and marketing for grain and fertilizer Joan Hardy says CP continues to move very strong levels of grain for its customers. 

"In February, we moved over 2 million metric tons of Canadian grain and grain products. The second-highest February in our history, very nearly meeting the record that we set in February of 2021. We were within one train load of breaking that February 2021 record."

She notes total grain movement for February 2023 was 2.045 million metric tonnes, compared to 2.058 million metric tonnes in February of 2021.

"You know the strong grain movement through February (2023) continues to demonstrate the strength of our customers' supply chains, and certainly the strong resiliency of our railway operations and our effective winter planning which has allowed us to deliver strongly for our customers

Hardy says other key factors to their success are the 8500-foot HEP trains which allow facilities to significantly load more grain per train, along with CP's new high-capacity cars which have the capacity to carry 10 to 15 per cent more grain per car.

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