The Government of Alberta is investing $335 million over three years to grow the film and television industry. Since 2020, the province has attracted 129 productions with a total production value of $1.7 billion and approximately 9,000 more jobs for Albertans. 

In 2020, the provincial government launched the Film and Television Tax Credit which helped to create growth in the industry. One year after the tax credit was launched, the cap was raised, resulting in a doubling of the province’s film and television sector. 

The Alberta Government will also be doubling funding to the Alberta Made Screen Industries Program to support local producers and attract productions globally. 

“The tax credit is central to the success of the industry. This is a competitive industry globally, and here in Alberta we’re fortunate we had the cap removed. Now we can see productions with budgets from $100,000 to well over $100 million. Now that we have a robust production environment, there are more opportunities for people to have well-paying creative jobs,” said Damian Petti President of I.A.T.S.E. Local 212 Calgary. 

According to Statistics Canada: 

  • Every $1 million of production activity in the screen-based production sector creates about 13 Alberta jobs.
  • Every $1 million of government investment under the Film and Television Tax Credit program is expected to support about 85 Alberta jobs.