The Lacombe Museums latest feature exhibition “Stories: An Artist Showcase” is highlighting the talent in the community.   

Artists of various levels from the Lacombe area created numerous pieces for the exhibition, including paintings and one sculpture which showcase how the artists interpreted the theme.  

“Stories was intended to be a bit of a broad theme. We wanted artists to interpret it, however they saw best,” Samantha Lee, Lacombe Museums Interim Executive Director said. “It's exciting to see how everybody thought a story could be conveyed or what a story could even be.”  

She explained that one artist created fairy tale artwork inspired by childhood stories and what that looked like and meant to them, while another artist undertook a project to paint every day during the pandemic, resulting in a story of a year of change in the natural world.  

To have their work featured in the exhibition, artists had to submit current pieces that fit into the theme and have their work juried by an exhibit committee.  

It was important for the Lacombe Museums to offer the exhibition to give artists the opportunity to show their work.  

“Lacombe’s not lacking in that, but our approach is a little different,” Lee said. “We put out a very active call for people to submit, be juried, and enter the show.” 

Lee is hopeful that viewers will be surprised by the exhibition, as the artists have all taken wildly different approaches in portraying the theme.  

“I'm hoping that everybody who comes in has a little moment of pride, thinking our community is this artistic, and there's this much talent sometimes hiding and sometimes undiscovered,” she said.   

The “Stories: An Artist Showcase” exhibition is opening tonight (March 14) at 6 p.m. and will be on display at the Flatiron Building Museum until May 11.  

Visit the Lacombe Museums website here for more information.