H.J. Cody High School hosted the first-ever career fair and job expo on March 21.   

Students attended the fair during an assigned block of time during the day to provide them with time to talk to presenters.  

“A huge thank you to community businesses and organizations who presented at the career fair,” said Alex Lambert, Principal, École H.J. Cody High School. “Our students appreciated the opportunity to ask questions and explore what they might want to do once they graduate from high school. This was an incredibly valuable opportunity for our students.”  

The school partnered with Next Generation on the project, and worked with local businesses and organizations who might want to participate.  

“We had some great feedback from students, as well as from presenters and teachers,” said Darla Bell, Off Campus Coordinator, H.J. Cody. “Presenters told us they appreciated how engaged the students were at their booths, and that they received excellent questions and had good conversations.”  

Bell added that the school also hosts a career day, where presenters visit the school and speak with class groups. However, one of the advantages of the career fair is that it’s easier for students to ask questions because they are in smaller groups.