The Outreach Centre, Sunny 94, and LacombeOnline have fundraised over $30,000 for the Outreach Centre’s Holiday Hope Campaign. The funding will be going towards initiatives like Adopt-A-Family and several of the Outreach Centre’s programs.  

“I'm totally impressed with the generosity of central Albertans and all the individuals and families and businesses and service groups like the Kinsmen who really stepped up today. I don't have the exact number, but I know it's over $30,000, so that's an amazing day and that helps us out so much,” said Ian Wheeliker, Executive Director of the Outreach Centre.  

Sunny 94 listeners learned all about the Outreach Centre and the many programs they have to help those dealing with the effects of poverty, homelessness, domestic violence, mental health challenges, suicide, and so much more throughout the day.  

“A big shout out to you and the team here at Sunny we couldn't have done this without you. You just made us feel so welcome and it was a lot of fun today,” added Wheeliker. 

Ian and Tank

Several Outreach Centre staff were on air live for the first time.  

"Shout out to Outreach staff that came in today. They all sounded like pros on the radio.” 

A Holiday Hope Campaign will continue on at the Outreach Centre until Christmas.  

“There's still lots of time for people to support us, and to support Adopt-A-Family this year to help us meet our fundraising goal which is $150,000 between now and the Christmas Day. We're already a good chunk of the way there so thank you to everybody that donated,” said Ian.  

You can continue to support the Holiday Hope Campaign by clicking here.