Red Deer Polytechnic celebrated the Recognition of Scholarly Activity Awards and Capstone Recognition event on May 11, 2023. The event is held to celebrate the innovative scholarly activity and independent research.  

“Each year our committee is astonished at the quality of scholarly work completed by the faculty in our institution,” says Erin Lowe, Chair of RoSA Committee and RDP Nursing Instructor. “From groundbreaking research and insightful publications to original works, our faculty has been actively engaged in advancing knowledge and contributing to the world of scholarship. These accomplishments are a testament to their dedication and hard work as they strive to make meaningful contributions to their respective fields. We are proud t 

The awards given out in four categories that include Discovery, Integration, Application, and Teaching.  

Here are the award winners:  

  • Dr. Fola Oluwasina for ‘Evaluating the Prevalence and Correlates of Major Depressive Disorder among Residents of Fort McMurray Canada after a devastating flood.’ 
  • Dr. Heather Markovitch for “White Magic, Black Humour: Ella D’Arcy’s Narrative Strategies, Cahiers victoriens et edouardiens.” 
  • Kristen Gullbransen for research to address gas in care experienced by persons who use substances during pregnancy. 
  • Jason Frizzell for the exploration of reference and influence in visual art creations, culminating in two art exhibitions: “And We Will Dream of El Dorado” and “We’ll Build a Palance Upon the Ruins”. 
  • Dr. Jones Adjei and Dr. Choon-Lee Chai for research in partnership with the Central Alberta Immigrant Women’s Association to create a Cultural Competency Training Module aimed at supporting immigrant victims of domestic violence.  
  • Dr. Cyrus Taheri for research on the presence of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in High Touch Objects in Washrooms on RDP’s Main Campus leading to the discovery of a new bacterial species. 

Three Capstone projects were also recognized including:  

  • Dr. Jones Adjei for Creating a Culturally Responsive Classroom: A Literature Synthesis  
  • Heather Brandt for Pharmacy Technician Program Analysis of Non-Sterile Compounding Dosage Forms  
  • Natalie Ford for Engagement and Brave Spaces in the Classroom: A Nursing Ethics Perspective