Starting in the spring of 2023 Albertan drivers will no longer need an advanced road test for their Class 5 and Class 6 driver’s licenses. Albertans who successfully complete a 24-month probationary period will automatically qualify for their full Class 5 or Class 6 driver’s licence and save $150 by not having to take a second road test. 

“Many Albertans have told us that the advanced test costs too much, is a roadblock to finding jobs and has created unnecessary red tape. That’s why we are eliminating the advanced road test for (Class 5) passenger vehicles and (Class 6) motorcycles as well as the additional Class 4 road test while maintaining strong safety standards for drivers,” said Prasad Panda, Minister of Transportation. 

In order to earn a GDL drivers must:

  • Have no suspensions or traffic violations within their last 12 months of probation, including zero tolerance for any alcohol and/or drug consumption.
  • Must not exhibit poor driving behaviours and incur demerits
  • Must not be ticketed for other unsafe driving offences during the last year of their probation period

An additional road test will no longer be mandatory to obtain a Class 4 driver’s licence, which is required to transport passengers in taxis, ride-share vehicles, limousines, small buses and ambulances. An enhanced knowledge test, driver medical and vision test will still be required to obtain a Class 4 licence. With this change, Alberta’s government hopes to attract more competition to the ride-sharing industry.

In the past 5 years, 65 per cent of drivers did not take their advanced road test and 99 per cent of motorcycle riders did not take the test.