Lacombe Council approved amendments to the City of Lacombe’s R4 Land Use District.

This amendment to the City’s Land Use Bylaw follows an extensive multi-phased engagement process which asked residents to provide feedback on the future of this unique residential district in Lacombe.

“Council’s approval of these changes to the R4 District provides clarity to our residents, businesses, and developers,” Mayor Grant Creasey said. “These amendments provide a creative Lacombe-sourced solution to development challenges many communities face. I want to thank all those citizens who provided thoughtful and insightful input throughout this consultation process.”

Council approved nine recommended changes to the R4 District contained in Bylaw 400.42:

  • Amend the Purpose Statement to better reflect R4’s role as a medium-density residential district by adding the goal of facilitating well-designed compatible infill development and clarifying its intent to allow a mix of lower and medium-density forms of housing

  • Using plain language to describe the density allowed for multi-attached housing by describing it as the number of units permitted (4) or discretionary (more than 4) rather than by units/hectare ranges, (updated from previous draft bylaw based on developer feedback received)

  • Also using plain language to define the density allowed for multiple housing developments by describing these in the number of units rather than by units/hectare ranges

  • Deleting Apartment Housing as a use within the District

  • Clarifying the maximum density in the district is 55 dwelling units/ha (for any housing style allowed, including multiple housing developments),

  • Clarifying the maximum number of units for multi-attached housing is six dwelling units per building

  • Giving the Development Authority additional discretion to require conditions to support compatible development firstly, for parking design and secondly, for screening between higher and lower density residential uses and/or augmented landscaping

The R4 District review was initiated in June 2021. It consisted of a public and stakeholder engagement process conducted through a contracted firm, Intelligent Futures, and a planning review (conducted under contract by Parkland Community Planning Services). Steps to address the other matters raised by the public through the engagement process will be incorporated into Administration’s business plans and future Strategic Plan recommendations where appropriate.

About the R4 District Review

The Residential Mixed District (R4) is one of nine Lacombe residential districts and allows for an extensive range of residential uses, from single detached dwellings to multi-unit apartments.