Lacombe City Council is trying to decide the future of two of its older buildings.

The old police station and recently acquired downtown provincial building will undergo a full analysis next year to determine how they can be best used.

Mayor Steve Christie says the old police building will be used for storage right now, but says the building isn't in that great of shape "we're not sure of the electrical capacity within the building, so that is something we will be checking.  So in the meantime there are car bays the fire department can use for some of their equipment, there are secure rooms we can use to store some of our files and some of our IT equipment as well".

The city will take possession of the downtown provincial building in March, it's currently occupied by Alberta Health Services.

Right now council is in the process of negotiating with AHS to extend its lease until their new facility is operational in 2018.

Any renovations or demolition will have to wait as Christie says it's not in the budget for next year nor in the 10 year capital plan.