After carefully considering feedback received from the community at the public hearing, County Council gave second and third reading (final adoption) to Bylaws 1406/24 and 1407/24. These bylaw changes allow a second dwelling on Agricultural ‘A’ District parcels 10 acres or larger.

Previously, the County’s regulations allowed two dwellings only on parcels of at least 40 acres in the Agricultural ‘A’ District. This bylaw change now opens up the possibility of a second residence on parcels 10 acres in size and larger in this District. This change aims to provide more flexible housing options in Lacombe County, reflecting ongoing community desires and supporting the vitality of the agricultural sector.

“Reducing the minimum parcel size for a second dwelling to 10 acres directly supports our vision of a thriving, sustainable agricultural community,” said Lacombe County Reeve Barb Shepherd. “This decision aligns with the input we’ve consistently received from our residents, who value both their space and their community ties.”

The amendments stem from an extensive review process that began with adopting the County’s Municipal Development Plan and Land Use Bylaw in July 2017. These foundational documents were shaped through broad community consultation, engaging landowners, residents, businesses, and other stakeholders. The 5-Year Review of the Municipal Development Plan and Land Use Bylaw, completed in 2023, reaffirmed the community’s interest in expanding residential opportunities in agricultural areas.

“Our consultations have shown that many of our residents support increased dwelling options in agricultural areas,” stated Dale Freitag, Director of Planning Services. The County’s extensive public engagement on this topic is a testament to our continued commitment to transparent and open decision-making by engaging our community in the planning process and adjusting our policies to ensure they continue to meet our community’s needs.”

Lacombe County is dedicated to maintaining the integrity of its agricultural lands while evolving to meet the changing needs of its residents. This bylaw amendment is a critical step towards fostering a vibrant rural community with adequate and appropriate housing options.

**with information provided by Lacombe County