Lacombe City Council has approved changes to the Land Use Bylaw, giving developers flexibility for affordable housing options.  

The bylaw changes were inspired by a developer's application requesting modifications to a residential detached narrow district.   

The changes lower the minimum setbacks for front and side yards and the minimum parcel area, and will apply to all land designated as a residential detached narrow district, a City of Lacombe media release said.   

“Council is excited to continue our commitment to fostering a business-friendly and growth-oriented environment,” Mayor Grant Creasey said. “These amendments to our Land Use Bylaw, initiated by the development community, aim to diversify options for developers and residents alike. These changes will introduce more high-density residential areas, paving the way for increased affordability in Lacombe’s housing market.”  

The residential detached narrow district provides residential development opportunities on narrow lots and allows for smaller lot sizes. The reduced front and side yard setbacks are expected to provide flexibility in housing design and size and expand neighbourhood density.   

The residential detached narrow district developments are considered entry-level housing. The lot and house size in the district are traditionally smaller, making the home more affordable, the release said.  

The city’s planning department recommended the changes to council after reviewing other municipalities and determining whether the changes align with the Municipal Development Plan for smaller housing options.