The City of Lacombe will be hosting the Pan Continental Curling Championships at the Gary Moe Autogroup Sportsplex’s Lacombe Curling Club from October 27th to November 2nd this year.  

“This event that we brought over, I’ve coached at it twice. It's a new event and this will be the third year I’ve been coaching Team India’s men’s curling team,” said Local Organizing Committee Chair, Darren Moulding.  

Moulding is Lacombe’s own professional curler, Darren Moulding who has competed internationally in the past. For this event, he will be in a coaching role.  

“It’s a wonderful event there’s traditional and non-traditional curling countries in it. Once I saw that we had the facility that would be perfect for it because you run it A-Side and B-Side and the A-Side is often televised and it’s a lot of the elite teams. In the B you see a lot of non-traditional curling countries such as Jamaica, Kenya, Japan, US, Korea, basically every curling country not in Europe,” explained Moulding.  

City of Lacombe Mayor Grant Creasey is also looking forward to seeing the event in the community.  

“The City is behind him 100 per cent. We’re happy to do our part in providing the facility which would otherwise be a significant cost for the entire facility for an event like that,” said Mayor Grant Creasey during a year-end review. 

Over 40 teams from around the world will be taking part in the international event that is a precursor to the Pan Continental Championships.  

“I look forward to seeing people from far and wide coming to our City. It’ll be a tremendous boost for many businesses and just a great exposure for the community,” Creasey added.  

For more details on the curling event, click here.