The Ecole Lacombe Composite High School’s EcoVision Club and the Lacombe & District Garden Club took a tour of the Strathmore High School’s greenhouse and other area initiatives.  

Strathmore’s Community in Bloom co-chair Jen Neufeld said EcoVision’s greenhouse is about 10 years ahead of Strathmore’s so she was happy to share some of their projects and get feedback. It was a great opportunity for collaboration.  

Photo EcoVision's Greenhouse in Lacombe. Photo EcoVision's Greenhouse in Lacombe. 

"We're looking forward to showing it off and getting some feedback and networking," Neufeld said. 

“It's just an open space where people can come and experiment and learn, it's very inviting and open to learn and to try new things related to growing, off-grid sustainable systems, and things like that,” added Strathmore High School Teacher, Cole Hintz.  

The tour also included stops at the DNA Gardens near Elnora, and the Olds College wetlands project.  

"There's a wealth of knowledge amongst gardeners and Strathmore that could be shared, and just invite people to get involved because it's such a positive thing for the community and to build relationships with like-minded people,” added Neufeld.  

The Strathmore High School and the Lacombe Composite High School will continue to be working together on future green projects.  

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