A Red Deer catering company has come up with a unique way to model their business.

Maple Leaf Roadhouse BBQ has been using special needs workers to help out.

"My son is special needs, he has autism, and so that's the driving force behind it," said Ryan Morasse, the CEO and Pitmaster for the company.

"Giving young adults and kids like this is a chance because they struggle to get any kind of employment or opportunities to learn because they do learn differently."

morasse familyThe Morasse family Zachary, Samantha, Charlotte and Ryan

Morasse says they have had success so far by having an all-inclusive and diverse workforce. Currently, they have two workers who come in and learn how to cook and help.

"They help us prep and pot the food, season the meats and one of our workers named Carson even shreds our pulled pork."

Maple Leaf Roadhouse BBQ donates a lot of time to Ronald McDonald House and also help with the catering side of things. 

Ryan and CarsonRyan and Carson.

"Another worker named Jenna also helps with the cooking and she has learned like a rock star. They all learn safe food handling which is an all-around good skill."

Right now Maple Leaf Roadhouse BBQ is a small company that specializes in catering sauces, but Morasse says his ultimate goal is to have a brick-and-mortar restaurant.

"We could employ special needs workers, where they can choose to work either full-time or part-time. The motto for the customers would be exercising patience when you come in, enjoy your experience."

ryan and JennaRyan and Jenna 

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