On October 31, 2023 a pick-up truck drove into the NAPA Auto Parts building located on the corner of Taylor Drive and 67th Street.  

“It was definitely a shock in our building we were just going about doing our daily tasks and then all of a sudden a truck piled through the front corner of our show room,” explained Andy Sinclair, Manager of Napa Auto Parts in Red Deer.  

“Luckily none of our team members or any customers were in that area of the store. We were able to avoid any kind of injuries and that kind of thing. We were definitely lucky and thankful that it happened that way,” he added.  

Despite the damage, the store remains operating as usual today (November 1, 2023).

“Where the building was hit, none of our services are right there, none of our computer systems were right there, or power. We actually got off pretty lucky that we are operating basically like normal today other than a section of our show room is sectioned off for dust sake and safety sake of course,” explained Sinclair.  

Sinclair said emergency crews in Red Deer were quick to the scene. Red Deer RCMP have confirmed that the driver was experiencing medical distress and charges will not be laid. 

Image of hole in the store. Photo of hole in NAPA Auto Parts in Red Deer. Photo taken on October 31, 2023.