Central Alberta's top frontline service providers for domestic violence and bullying were honoured during an 11th annual awards luncheon yesterday.

There were four winners including Frontline Service Provider recipient Kellie Cummings who works as a Domestic Violence Case Worker at the Central Alberta Women's Emergency Shelter.

Cummings works exculsively with women fleeing abusive situations and says she would love to see a breakdown of stereotypes "there really isn't a stereotype associated, some people have these belief systems that are very demeaning like she must like it because she chooses to stay, that's not true.  There is a whole gamut behind for the reasons why women do stay within their relationships and if we could just stop that stereotyping that would make me happy as well".

Stephanie Okell also won the Frontline Service Provider award and works as a social worker with the City of Red Deer and RCMP Domestic Violence Unit.

This years Patrick Dillion Leadership Award went to Noreen McCallum and Anna Schille was was the recipent of the Lifetime Achievement Award.