Between 50 and 100 bald eagles were seen congregating near Gull Lake last week (Jan. 11). 

The group was seen on Township Road 412, towards Wilson’s Beach. 

Medicine River Wildlife Centre Executive Director Carol Kelly says it’s not uncommon during this time of year for bald eagles to gather when a food source is nearby, such as fish or roadkill. 

“If there's any kind of a large food source of any sort, it will gather the scavengers, and as majestic as we might feel that bald eagles are, they are scavengers,” Kelly said. “That's like any kind of wildlife, food and shelter, are the two things that are the most important, if there's a food source, they'll be there.” 

Kelly is confident the bald eagles are gathering in the area because there is a large food source. 

“That's what I'm sure is happening. If we have a closer look around, we'll find some form of food,” Kelly says. “If they've found something that's a good food source, they're going to stay there because of the cold weather and not being able to find food other ways.” 

When the food source decreases, the bald eagles are expected to leave the area. 

“They can get the word out to others that there's a good food source and it'll draw them in,” Kelly said. 

By the spring, the bald eagles will separate from the large group and become territorial for the breeding season. 

“They mate for life, and every spring, when there's a pair in the nest that's when they become territorial,” Kelly says. “Other than that, they hang out together." 

Photos in the gallery provided by Tanya Wierenga.