Nathan Leslie is a Lacombe-Ponoka riding candidate with the Solidarity Movement of Alberta. He believes in truth and righteousness for the people of Alberta. He has lived in the province since 1993 and is a father of three. Leslie has  also volunteered to announce local hockey games and with local figure skating organizations in Lacombe. 

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How does your party plan to address inflation and the rising cost of living in Alberta? 

I believe that if we can get the tax dollars that Alberta collects from our constituents and keep them in Alberta, the rise of inflation and the simple cost of living would go down. We'd be able to eliminate some of the taxes that we have in Alberta. We're going to work as a party and in the government of Alberta to eliminate some of those tax dollars leaving Alberta to go to the Canadian Market.  


In what ways does your party plan on diversifying Alberta's economy? 

Before we diversify, I think we have to make sure we get our economy back on track.  

I think we have to make sure that industries make Alberta great, strong, and profitable. Before diversifying a ton of our economy, I think we need to get oil and gas back on the world market at a fair market value so that we can use Alberta's rich industries to fund some of the things that as a province we could be diversifying into. 


In what ways does your party support senior care? 

We believe that two of our greatest assets are the past and the future. Our children are important to us but we need to teach our children through our seniors. We need to have our seniors around. To be honest with you, I've seen some really good things done in different cities in Alberta. We really would like to see some of those implemented on a provincial level.Whether that be some better healthcare situations for seniors where it allows them to stay at home longer, as well as better housing situations. Long term acute care doesn't have to be the next step, it can be step number five. 

I've had the opportunity to be alongside some family members as they've worked in those industries and I know that there are some great options out there. We want to see Albertans stay home as long as they can get healthcare they need, so that they can stay healthy longer. 


How does your party plan on addressing healthcare shortages? 

We are going to use incentives to get doctors back to Alberta. We are going to find the right doctors that want to work in both rural Alberta and in the cities. There is a need for a reconstruction of our healthcare system and we're going to work towards getting back to providing healthcare at a regional level.  

One of the other things that we are going to do is immediately work towards getting our surgical beds back up and running. [We want to] get our doctors back that were removed from their positions in surgery to ensure that we get the over 69,000 surgeries that are being backlogged right now to the forefront of getting people back healthy and whole. 


Does your party have any plans to improve justice in Alberta? 

Well, as you know, that is probably one of the greatest points for our party. 

Pastor Artur Pawlowski has seen some serious injustice over the last three years and more. We want to see justice reform. Judges need to be elected, not appointed. They need to be held accountable for their sentences and the judgments that they pass down. There needs to be transparency and real consequences for the abuse of power.We need to end judicial activism and injustice, enforce equal sentencing guidelines and restitution for heinous crimes. 


Is there anything else you’d like to add? 

Any and all information about the Solidarity Movement of Alberta can be found at Please come check us out and we would be happy to chat with you. Send us an E-mail. My e-mail is linked in my bio. Again, it’s Nathan Leslie with the Solidarity Movement of Alberta.