The Lacombe and District Historical Society (LDHS) has received funding from the City of Lacombe and Lacombe County for a total value of $83,702 for the Michener House Museum Reimagination Project.

“We're grateful to the City, County, Province, Federal Government, and our community sponsors/partners for supporting this project. Our dedicated team is working to make the Lacombe Museums, particularly the Michener House Museum, more relevant by creating immersive and inclusive exhibitions, enhancing infrastructure, and ensuring accessibility, all while preserving this vital historic site,” said Melissa Blunden, Executive Director of LDHS. 

The LDHS submitted two successful applications for the funding both the City and the County will be contributing $41,851 for a total of $83,702. However, the project has already seen investment streams from from other grant programs including the following: 

  • $25,000 from the Alberta Government Ministry of Culture’s Community Facility Enhancement program
  • $3,653 from the Community Initiatives Program 
  • $42,000 from the Government of Canada’s Candian Cultural Spaces Fund

The Michener House Museum has been closed to the public since the summer of 2023 while the building goes through upgrades and renovation. You can read more about the upgrades by clicking the article below.