The City of Red Deer is advising residents of recent reports of moose activity in the community.  

A moose calf is lingering on the east side of the city.  

For the safety of residents, drivers, and wildlife, the city is reminding residents of key safety points:   


  • Give moose and other wildlife plenty of space  

  • Moose, deer, and other wildlife are wild animals; the best way to keep both wildlife and the public safe is to keep wildlife wild  

  • Drivers should remain vigilant that wildlife may be in the area, obey speed limits, and slow down when wildlife is present  


There are a few things residents can do to help this moose and other wildlife to move through the area instead of staying: 


  • Do not feed wildlife; feeding wild animals can create unnatural feeding patterns and competition, overcrowding, and disease; dependency on humans; aggression towards humans; and damage the landscape  

  • Store garbage and compost appropriately and do not leave pet food outside  

  • Properly maintain bird feeders, clean up fallen fruit, and declutter yards