Thursday afternoon, a new statue was unveiled in the food court entrance at Bower Place Shopping Centre. The statue was placed in houour of the four RCMP officers killed in Mayerthorpe, in March of 2005.

This statue was erected as a replacement for the previous memorial that had been damaged over the years.

The original memorial was put in place after four officers, Brock Myrol, Anthony Bordon, Leo Johnston, and Peter Schiemann were shot and killed while attending an investigation on a property near Mayerthorpe.

Brock Myrol's family attended the event and his Mother Colleen talked about his time in Red Deer including nine years he spent as a loss prevention officer in the Zellers store.

photo of statue

Superintendent Holly Glassford, was also at the event and talked about how important this memorial is. " I want to take a moment to reflect on two things that brought us here today, tragedy and remembrance. On March 3rd, 2005 our constables paid the ultimate sacrifice, laying down their lives in the line of duty. The tragedy of this event that took place almost 19 years ago will always be remembered. I hope that when members of the public, our RCMP team, and families walk beside this memorial and take a look, they have an opportunity to remember and reflect."

photo of statue

Many RCMP officers attended yesterday's ceremony, along with many members of the public and Bower Place Shopping Centre staff.

photo of statueThe original memorial (photo courtesy of Bower Place Shopping Centre)