A new seniors lodge review panel is underway to help seniors age in their communities. 

The panel will review the efficiency and sustainability of the Seniors Lodge Program’s by looking into how to make the most out of existing spaces, ensuring seniors can age in their communities.  

“Seniors lodges play an essential role in our housing system. These facilities are important to our communities and the residents who live there, especially in rural Alberta,” Minister of Seniors, Community and Social Services and MLA for Rimbey, Rocky Mountain House and Sundre Jason Nixon says. “The Seniors Lodge Review Panel will work closely with our partners to review the program and ensure that this program is sustainable for the future.” 

The program supports 149 lodges across the province and provides services to residents including meals, housekeeping, and recreational programming.  

The review is expected to smooth the transition between lodges and continuing care homes by ensuring the needs of seniors are met, a government of Alberta media release said. 

The panel is made up of municipal representatives, social housing and seniors organizations, and will begin work early this year.  

“The Seniors Lodge Program is a unique Alberta solution that plays a critical role in supporting seniors to live well in communities, and it will be even more important as the need for housing affordability and supports increases to serve our aging population well,” co-chair, Seniors Lodge Review Panel, and president, Alberta Seniors and Community Housing Association (ASCHA) Arlene Adamson says. “I am honoured to co-chair a review of this program, representing ASCHA’s members, to ensure that it meets the needs of seniors, communities and housing providers today and into the foreseeable future.”