A new support group for mothers living with substance use disorder is on track to begin this January in Red Deer.  

The Mothers for Recovery Program is a weekly program designed to support mothers, going through the stages of recovery, who need a support network. 

The weekly program meetings are co-facilitated by a social worker and a mother in recovery, and encourage mothers to share their experiences, strengths, and hopes in recovery.  

“That early intervention, early learning, and development is essential to tomorrow and building resilient, healthy families,” Red Deer and District Community Foundation Executive Director Erin Peden says. "It's essential because as humans we all need that connection, and we all need that support.” 

The program filled up quickly with 14 participants, who will develop and build a network of individuals who have been in similar circumstances. 

Peden explains that the program filling up so quickly highlights the need in the community.  

“We are all very aware of what is happening within our communities in terms of addictions. What's so incredible is people recognizing right now that everything has a root cause and once we start tackling that root cause, we're going to have better long-term effects,” she says. “This type of program is really going to be a game changer for our community moving forward,” says Peden. 

Executive Director Family Services of Central Alberta Judy Scott says women will stay in the program until they are ready to be on their own. 

To reduce attendance barriers, young children can go through play-based developmental programming, while their mothers are building their support network. 

The program was possible through a $30,000 grant from the Red Deer and District Community Foundation. 

The grant was used for the service space in the Parkland Mall, an easily accessible space that mothers can get their children to safely.  

“I am so thankful to the community foundation for funding like this. This is amazing and that they see the need for us to make some change in our community and support this population of mamas,” says Scott. 

For more information on the program, or on attending, call 403-309-8222.