Starting Friday (September 1, 2023), drivers will have to slow down when passing all roadside workers with flashing lights regardless of whether they are police, ambulances, paramedics, roadside workers, or tow trucks.  

Drivers must slow down to at least 60km/h or the posted speed limit (whatever is lowest) when they are in the lane that is next to a stopped vehicle.  

Drivers who fail to slow down could receive a $243 fine and three demerits.  


Additionally, drivers will not be able to pass snowplows when:  

  • The view along the side of the snowplow is obstructed 
  • Passing would impede the operation of the snowplow 
  • The act cannot be done safely.  

Drivers who incorrectly pass snowplows could receive a $324 fine and three demerits.  


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