Minister of Seniors, Community and Social Services and MLA for Rimbey-Rocky Mountain House, Jason Nixon announced new supports for local food banks and community organizations in Alberta today (November 6, 2023).  

“Today I am proud to say Alberta’s Government will be providing another $10 million in support for food banks to combat food insecurity all across the province. Specifically, 3.7 million is going to food banks as well as our partners in the FCSS who are helping us with grant support,” explained Nixon.  

$900,000 of funding to food banks has already been provided to the Family and Community Support Services Association of Alberta to administer food security grants, and to shelters to provide food for those experiencing homelessness. $4.1 million will be allocated through food security grants. Applications will open this month to organizations promoting food security, including smaller organizations that provide culturally appropriate food. Food Banks Alberta will also receive $2.2 million to develop a program to coordinate the needs of food banks and related operators during emergency needs such as natural disasters. 

“We saw an unprecedented year of emergencies with the wildfire season, and we do see a need to continue to be able to work in a more formal way to be able to help food banks be able to make help us be able to meet the needs of Albertans in emergency situations,” added Nixon.  

The Minister of Seniors, Community and Social Services believes the carbon tax is also adding pressure to affordability for Albertans.  

“The single biggest impact to food costs right now in our country is coming from the increase to fuel cost and that's because everywhere from the farm, to transportation, to grocery stores themselves are impacted by that carbon tax. We really will continue to call on the federal government to join our ambition in making things a little bit easier for Albertans as we face this unprecedented challenge,” added Nixon.