Lacombe police officers will be approaching unattended and idling vehicles in an effort to combat potential auto thefts. 

Until Jan. 12, officers will be participating in Operation Cold Start, an initiative to prevent crimes of opportunity, coinciding with the times when vehicles are most susceptible to theft as they are left idling. 

Lacombe Constable Daniel Zelmer offered tips for drivers to follow to prevent auto theft, such as using a remote starter or staying inside the vehicle as it warms up, never leaving keys inside the vehicle, and being aware that push-button equipped vehicles can still be driven without the key present.  

“Operation Cold Start aims to engage with you, the community, and to educate and raise awareness about the risks associated with leaving your vehicle unattended and idling,” Zelmer said.  

During the initiative, Lacombe Police Service members will be reaching out to vehicle owners to share important information on preventing auto theft. 

“If an officer approaches you during this operation, we kindly ask for your attention and cooperation,” Zelmer said. “Your feedback is valuable, and we want to know if you have heard about Operation Cold Start."