On Thursday October 20 2016 at approximately 10:54am Penhold Fire Crews were called to a 2 vehicle accident at the intersection on Highway 2A and Lucina St. in Penhold.

Penhold Fire Chief Jim Pendergast said “There were a number of occupants in the van including 3 children 3 years old or younger and 2 adults. The pickup had a single occupant.”

Adding “We checked all the occupants and had Guardian EMS access them. All patients although shaken up were treated at the scene and released.”

Pendergast went on to say “There was a lot of debris and fluids on the highway and one vehicle was not drivable.”

4 Penhold Fire units and 12 fire fighters, EMS, RCMP and Penhold Peace Officers responded.  Highway 2A was down to 1 lane for about 90 minutes.

Innisfail RCMP are investigating.