During the Regular Council Meeting on September 11, 2023, Penhold’s newest Town Council Member, Cameron Galisky, was sworn in by Mayor Mike Yargeau. Galisky was elected during the Town of Penhold By-Election to replace Mike Walsh and, at 24 years old, is the youngest person to be elected to Penhold Town Council.

“Penhold is an amazing community full of a truly inspiring spirit and heart. I eagerly look forward to my time serving the people of our fine town and will always give my utmost in the service of our community,” stated Councillor Galisky.

Mayor Mike Yargeau recalls Galisky has been interested in municipal politics for some time.

“Cameron expressed his political aspirations early and ran in the 2017 municipal election, right out of high school. We are excited to welcome him on board and look forward to working together to ensure Penhold continues to be a great place to call home,” said Yargeau.

Final results in the Town of Penhold’s By-Election:

  • Cameron Galisky - 118
  • Rob Burton – 60
  • Brandon Pringle - 47
  • Mike Dodman - 32
  • Samantha Miller 11


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