Do you have a way with words? Well, the Ponoka Jubilee Library is hosting an adult spelling bee! The winner will not only be declared “Ponoka’s Best Speller” but will also walk away with $100.  

“Generally speaking, spelling bees are associated with kids and a lot of people have that childhood nostalgia surrounding spelling bees. We just thought that it would be a really fun thing  to host for adults to kind of relive that or if they didn't get the chance,” said Tiffany Toma, Program Coordinator at Ponoka Jubilee Library.  

The event will also be fundraiser for the library’s programs and services.  

“If you're the winner, you can brag about being Ponoka’s adult spelling bee champion while also raising money for programs so that we can just keep up a high standard of delivery for our community,” added Toma.  

Participants will get no hints as to what words they will come up against in the competition. Toma says the words are being chosen by the Library’s Manager.  

The event will be happening at The Crow on September 28th at 6PM. Participants will need $25 to register. You can register online here.  


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