With mating season underway, animals are on the move this time of year and police are warning drivers to be careful.

According to Alberta Transportation in 2014, 48% of crashes on rural highways involved animals and of that 4% resulted in human fatalities.

Executive Director of the Kerry Wood Nature Centre, Todd Nivens explained at this time of year animals are both competing and looking for mates.

“That means they’re on the move and their mobility has increased dramatically up and down through the river valley. Mobility brings them into closer contact with cars and traffic because of course we have roads that are cutting across these wildlife spaces.”

Detachment Commander with Ponoka RCMP Michael Numan explained how drivers can be more cautious while on the roadways.

“Make sure your equipment is working properly on your vehicle.  For example make sure both of your lights are working, clean, and project down in the right direction, so that you can see an animal up ahead or in the ditch. Also speed is a factor.”

Numan adds the most common time to run into wildlife is just before and after dark in the morning and evenings.

If you do find yourself involved in a collision with wildlife, RCMP said if you can pull over, put your hazards lights on, don't worry about the animal and call police.