The Red Deer Public Schools (RDPS) board of trustees was presented with the draft Three-Year Educational Plan during the April 10 meeting.   

For the upcoming school year, the board is focused on student growth and achievement, teaching and leadership, learning supports, and governance.   

Ten strategies have been proposed to ensure there is success in each area of focus over the next three years:  

  • Implement a systemic model of job-embedded teacher time to ensure all teachers have the opportunity for meaningful and relevant collaboration time to develop, plan, and apply high-quality instruction for student growth and achievement  

  • Implement a comprehensive anti-bullying program to ensure that student's safety and well-being are addressed  

  • Grow community, industry, and educational partnerships that provide students access to authentic, hands-on experiential learning in the fields of interest to support readiness for careers and future next steps  

  • Continue to integrate Indigenous perspectives throughout the curriculum, providing specialized training for educators, fostering partnerships with Indigenous communities, and implementing ongoing evaluation to empower students to actively engage in Truth and Reconciliation efforts and promote empathy, mutual respect, and understanding among all members of the school community  

  • Identify, develop, and implement high-leverage strategies, that teachers can utilize   

  • Develop and implement a multi-faceted professional development plan that allows teachers to choose and access learning opportunities  

  • Engage in a comprehensive review of budgetary priorities in student learning supports, to ensure that the initiatives most essential are adequately resourced  

  • Implement a comprehensive training program for staff that integrates restorative principles into discipline procedures to promote healthy relationships, reduce conflict, and enhance student well-being  

  • Continue to leverage a variety of tools and strategies to ensure that all educational stakeholders can provide valuable and strategic input to move the division forward  

  • Establish a committee to develop and implement a comprehensive set of local performance measures to gauge progress   

The full Three-Year Educational Plan will be presented to the board in May.