Red Deer City Council discussed a chicken bylaw amendment, reviewed the 2024 Annual Policing Plan, and approved the operating budget and three-year operating plan during the April 2 regular meeting.   


Here are the highlights of the meeting:  


Chicken Bylaw Amendment  

City Council passed the first reading to proposed amendments to the Chicken Bylaw, including:  

  • Removal of the cap on the total number of licenses in the city  

  • Increased fee for Chicken Licenses from $27 to $36.15 per license  

  • Addition of a schedule for fines and penalties to ensure the proper tools are in place to address nuisance concerns if needed 


2024 Annual Policing Plan  

Red Deer RCMP presented the 2024-2026 Annual Policing Plan (APP) which determines the top policing priorities for the community over the next two years.  

The three priorities are:  

  • Intelligence-led policing  

  • Police visibility and public safety   

  • Community engagement and partnerships  

The APP is developed, in part, with input from the community, real-time crime data, public feedback, and council feedback.  


Operating Budget and Three-Year Operating Plan  

City council provided interim approval for the 2024 operating and capital budget in January 2024, and approved, in principle, the 2025-2027 operating plan.  

Having completed updates and reviews following these approvals, council approved the adopted budget and three-year operating plan.   

The adopted budget is used to derive the tax requirement for the Tax Rate Bylaw presented in April each year.