Red Deer City Council passed the first reading of the revised Land Use Bylaw during Monday’s regular meeting.  

With the passing of the first reading, the public is invited to provide their input at a public hearing during the April 15 city council meeting.  

After the public hearing, council can consider additional amendments to the proposed bylaw.  


Proposed bylaw changes include:   

  • Reducing 11 residential districts to nine zones  

  • Reducing seven commercial districts to six zones  

  • Reducing five industrial districts to three zones  

  • More permitted uses in each zone  

  • More gentle density options to provide increased housing options, including housing suites, backyard suites, tiny homes, and duplexes  

  • Increased building heights, that consider sightlines and privacy of existing dwellings  

  • Greater flexibility for development applications  

  • New regulations to gently transition existing neighbourhoods to maintain character  


Items not changing in the proposed bylaw include:  

  • Waskasoo and Woodlea Character Statements  
  • Signage regulations  

  • Any property with existing regulations   

“The changes won’t result in drastic changes to our cityscape overnight, but instead will lead to slow and gentle changes, including making development easier and allowing for more permitted uses,” said Manager of City Planning and Growth, Emily Damberger. “We invite our public to read the proposed bylaw, including the summary of potential changes in advance of the public hearing.”  

Click here to view the entire Land Use Bylaw.