At the May 16 Council meeting, Red Deer County Council approved the amended municipal tax rate bylaw for 2023. Tax rates vary on individual properties and taxation is based on their market value assessment.

The amended bylaw includes assessment classifications between Machinery and Equipment and Land. This does not impact overall taxation as they are both Non-Residential classes. The other amendment is to include the enhanced policing support that the County provides to the Blackfalds RCMP, as part of the Provincial policing levy.

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*Non-residential taxes are calculated on commercial, industrial, machinery & equipment, as well as linear sectors.

The Protective Services levy is increasing from the 2022 rate (0.7000, to 0.7751), with Community Services levy also increasing from the 2022 rate (0.6500, to 0.9423)

According to Dave Dittrick, Assistant County Manager, “The level of service Red Deer County residents and ratepayers expect will be maintained while ensuring an overall tax increase that is less than inflation in 2022.”

“We are still in times of high inflation, but through this tax rate Red Deer County continues our commitment to being business-friendly and accountable to our residents,” remarked Mayor Jim Wood.

The Province requires municipalities to levy property taxes on its behalf based on assessment values. This year, the Residential & Farm Education tax rate is 2.4248 and Non – Residential Education tax rate is 3.6333.

The Police levy has been calculated at 0.2492 (2022 – 0.1782).

The Seniors Housing Levy reflects the requisition charged by the Parkland Seniors Foundation. Based on calculations from their requisition, the Seniors Housing levy rate is 0.0182 for this year.

There is also a Provincial requirement to include a Designated Industrial Property (DIP) levy in the tax rate bylaw. This levy is completed on behalf of the Province of Alberta and covers the cost to administer the province’s centralization of all DIP assessment. The legislated DIP requisition for 2023 is 0.0746.

Taxes are due on June 30. A six percent penalty will be applied to any unpaid balance on July 1, November 1, 2023 and March 1, 2024. If you are currently enrolled in our Monthly Tax Installment Plan, no additional payment is required at this time.

For more detailed information, please contact Red Deer County Centre at 403.350.2150 or visit