Red Deer County would like to remind the County residents of the faded sign replacement program. This program remains in effect until September 30, 2024.

The replacement program is for residences within the County with addresses created before September 2015, who have not yet had their faded sign replaced.

Signs not eligible under current replacement program are:

•             Addresses for buildings created after September 2015

•             Addresses in Business Parks, Industrial Parks, and Hamlets

•             Addresses that have already been replaced by the County

If your rural address sign is in need of replacement, please contact the County at 403-350-2150 or by email at, with the following information

•             Name

•             Phone Number

•             Blue sign address that needs replacing

Signs will be ordered at the beginning of every month and delivered to the County office. The County will contact you via phone or email to notify you when the sign is available for pick up. Once picked up, installation of the new sign in the correct location is the responsibility of the owner. 

Red Deer County appreciates the importance of a highly visible address sign and encourages all residents to ensure their signs are in visible locations and are in good repair.