Red Deer County will be using Alertable as another way to communicate with their residents. Alertable is a notification system that is easy-to-use and can be downloaded for iOS and Android smartphones, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant home devices.

Residents, businesses, and visitors to Red Deer County can sign-up to receive up-to-date information during critical events such as fires, floods, as well as community notices like road closures, water advisories, and other municipal services/ disruptions.

“The Alertable app is another useful tool that we can use to inform our residents and ratepayers,” said Mayor Jim Wood. “The app allows us to send the users real-time notifications about incidents happening right here in our community, it’s another way the County is working to ensure the public has the information they need.”

“Alertable is a multi-purpose notification system, that users can download for free and personalize notifications by type, severity and choose preferred alerting options like email, phone, website, social media and more,” explained Simoi Cruickshank, Manager of Corporate Communications. “Users also have the option to select notifications for more than one specific location in the County.”

With Alertable, residents can also register to receive emergency notifications based on their home address. By entering your designated address, you will ensure to only get notifications relevant to your specific location(s).

Red Deer County will be able to increase its ability to reach residents based on their preferred means of communication. Residents are encouraged to sign-up for Alertable.

How to Register:

• Download the free Alertable app for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets by visiting Google Play or the App Store;

• Sign up for free email and SMS notifications or phone calls

To view how Alertable works and for more information, including details on how to sign-up for the Alertable app, please visit