The Initial stages of construction to expand the parkade at the Red Deer Regional Hospital Centre (RDRHC) will begin next week and might result in brief traffic delays on site.

On April 22, construction scaffolding will be installed over the parkade entrance, during which time traffic will be reduced to one lane. The following day, scaffolding will be installed over the parkade’s west exit, which will result in traffic being reduced to one lane while work is completed.

To help control traffic backups for staff, patients and visitors utilizing the parkade, work will be paused during peak hours. Scaffolding installed over the 39 St. parkade exit will occur on April 26, during which the exit will be inaccessible.  

Patients might wish to leave earlier than usual to get to their appointments to avoid traffic delays.

Additionally, the parkade elevators will be shut down as of May 1, as the elevator shaft will need to be extended to two new levels being added to the parkade. As a safety precaution for elevator users as well as the workers, the elevators cannot operate while upgrade work is underway.

The two new levels will add 500 parking spaces to the parkade. The fifth level will be closed for the duration of the parkade expansion to allow for the new levels, built from large precast concrete pieces, to be added, but the remaining levels will continue to be accessible. The precast pieces for the new levels will be brought to site by truck beginning in early June, which could result in temporary disruptions to usual traffic in the area around the hospital.

The parkade expansion is expected to take approximately a year to complete and will cost an estimated $20 million. The project will be debt-financed by AHS Parking Services as no government-provided healthcare dollars are used to build, lease, maintain or administer parking.

With the future growth of the site, increased demand for parking is expected. Public parking lots adjacent to the Central Alberta Cancer Centre and west of the parkade will be replaced when the new parkade stalls are added. Those parking lots will become part of the footprint of the new patient tower, which is part of the RDRHC redevelopment project.